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Big D's paintball marker and air rifle pics
Pure Comedy


Pneumatic Cannon
Big D Himself
Pure Comedy
Model 98 Photo Page
Autococker Photo Page
Spyder Photo Page
Air Force Talon Photo Page
GAMO Rifle Photo Page
Beeman P3 Photo Page
Crosman Air Pistol
Air Soft Photo Page
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Here is some stuff I find very funny

Florida's not going wrong this year.

Florida Election Day 2004

Bar Sign

The Real Fact About Rap

This pic is of what retarded terrorists do when they're not flying planes into buildings.

damn towelhead terrorists

These are actual watermelons

square watermellons!  wtf

dumb dog

Matadore getting his in the end

Wet road

Is that a legal move?


If any of these pictures are copyrighted or belong to you and you don't want me to post these here, please drop me an email and I will take care of it asap.